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HÜTT means hut in Luxembourgian. How do you pronounce that I hear you say? Well, we are not entirely sure… (we have yet to ask a Luxembourgian). Anyway you want it really… Which is just how we want our HÜTT’s to be: ANYWAY YOU WANT!


Living room & kitchen module includes:

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What is included in the Bedroom module?

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What is included in the Sanitary module?

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Engineering equipment includes


Model “WANDERLUST 8.4 MT” is a mobile residential complex + trailer. It is the top model in our line of mobile houses.

A weekend cabin with space for 2 adults and 1 or 2 children
[wan-der-lust] (noun) German: a strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the world, to roam and to be free 8,45 m × 2,52 m × 3,2 m


Modular concept

With the WANDERLUST we implemented a modular concept.

The HÜTT consists of three modules and two compartments: a living module, a sleeping module, and a sanitary module, plus a technical compartment and a luggage compartment.

This modular concept allows you to easily assemble your own combination of modules in function of the desired level of comfort, size and functionalities.

Living room & kitchen module

A generous size living and kitchen area made of Nordic fir planks inside and outside and coated with a dual component varnish.

All wooden custom-made cabinetries and a selection of wooden design furnishings.

Bedroom module

Sanitary module

Compact yet beautiful and comfortable bathroom unit with shower, toilet and vanity.

Technical compartment

We housed all technical equipment in a lockable hatch-door compartment accessible from the outside of the cabin.

Luggage compartment

The house has an insulated luggage compartment - with two lockable doors for storing various equipment (hoses, cables, tools, firewood, etc.) with a volume = 1.1m3.

The design of the compartment allows it to be used as a drying chamber.

Available wheels options

Mankind today cannot imagine existence without traveling, movement, and new discoveries. That’s why we put our HÜTTs on wheels! Any of our HÜTTs, whether it be the “WANDERLUST”, “ONSEN”, or “LE BURO”, can be produced in 3 versions:

trailer chassis
traditional shepherd’s hut steel chassis and wheels
truss-mounted, without foundation, set on jack stands

But, we also have a 4th option, which is still a secret of the company. As soon as the development of this concept is completed, we will publish this interesting and unusual project.

Objectives and Opportunities: a change of scenery

We designed HÜTT with the intention to create something moving, in the literal sense but also in the figurative sense. We hope that our customers would get what the French call a “voyage depayasant”. A pleasant change of scenery, a moving experience, a retreat from your normal surroundings, a voyage of reverie, an escape to whatever you need or crave.

As such, our HÜTT’s can serve many purposes:

  • Nature

    Reconnecting with nature

    You are longing for going off-grid, for switching off – be it on a mountain top, the forest, the sea-shore… or just in the back of your own garden.

  • Wellness


    To have your own wellness/sauna facility to shed off your clothes and with that the frenzies of every-day life.

  • Space


    To have a me-space to do your own thing (writing, reading, composing music…)

  • Playroom


    To have a cool place to park the kids (playroom).